I'm new to the video editing forum and I recently purchased a Sony DCR-DVD505. I want to be able to edit and produce my own dvd's on my pc but I am unsure of what video editing software to purchase and use. I am on a budget but I want the most bang for my buck while not sacrificing ease of use and quality. Your opinions would be helpful.

On a side note if anyone could hook me up with a link on the process I need to use to capture the video it would also be helpful. As I recently found out I am not able to use the USB connection to capture video on my handycam. I need to finalize my DVD-RW and then put it on my pc. I use DVD decryptor to extract the files and Dameon Tools to mount the image on my virtual drive, but I can't figure out how to edit it. Right now I'm using Roxio Easy Media Creator Home Edition. I've been working on this for hours to no end. If anyone knows of an easier process I would appreciate it. Your help would be great.