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Thread: Vegas Rendering glitches & DVD Arch probs.

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    Default Vegas Rendering glitches & DVD Arch probs.

    Hi, this is my first post.

    We bought Vegas to edit a film(which was copied from a DVCAM deck). Vegas worked very well AFA editing, but when we rendered it we had problems.

    Whenever rendered (we have tried AVI and MPEG), some of the cuts show glitches, perhaps only a few frames, but noticeable.
    The speed at which they flash is too fast to figure out what is there.

    We went into Vegas and zoomed into the cuts frame-by-frame, but found nothing. Could this be a bug of some sort?
    LANPARTY mobo
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ OC'ed to 2.1 ghz
    1.5 gigs of ram
    good cooling

    Our second problem is with DVD Architect. When trying to burn a DVD, we hit "Burn DVD" and it pops up the little menu with Prepare, Burn, and Create Master.

    When we do Burn, we go through all the steps(with no compession stuff), and it does the small window with Render-Prepare-Burn (since we used MPEG, there is no render.)
    When we are done, it shows everything as burnt, but teh DVD remains blank and has nothing on it.
    We have and HP 840 duel layer lightscribe drive.

    Another DVD question:
    AFAIK, every dvd-player playable movie DVD has to have VOB files (as well as IFO(sp?) and i think BUP and all that.(with VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS) Is this the format that is ever burnt on movie DVDs? MPEG video cannot be directly burnt to a DVD and still play right?

    * OOPS sorry I just realized that tehre is a DVD authoring section. Excuse me I'm new to this forum.

    Thx in advanced,

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    Can you post a clip of a glitch?

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    Default Response - further details.

    Okay thanks for your response.

    We found the DVD problem, and that is not an issue.

    We also found the source of the glitch problem.
    This movie has been previously edited(not in Vegas), and the cuts that were made are clean and nice.

    The cuts in Vegas are not. We went frame-by-frame and discovered a "transition" frame between cuts. It appears as a strange glitch when watching full screen.

    How can we turn this "feature" off? It is very annoying and troublesome.

    edit: BTW, this frame does not show up in the editing timeline in Vegas, just when rendered.

    edit2: maybe Vegas isn't the prob? we tooke teh rendered MPEG into a new Vegas file and looked frame by frame - no strange frames.
    Prehaps DVD Arch is doing something???

    -Thanks again!
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    I experienced the very same glitch some time ago with a project in Vegas. I tried absolutely everything. In the end I had to recapture and replace the media with the new caps. Only had it once though and it's never resurfaced since.

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    The Video Glitch. I too have found this problem. One thing to try is to add a solid black underneat all your vido tracks. This has on accassion worked for me but its not fail safe.

    As to the DVD issue. Vegas does not support my DVD drive. Why? I don't know but I get the same error. You wont be able to use the burn option - Instead use the prepare option then burn a disc using something like nero to create a DVD Video disc.

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