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Thread: Q- for After Effects users

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    Talking Q- for After Effects users

    Just purchased After Effects 7.0 and was wondering the basics of how to render your finished clip to an avi. file because knowhere can i find the option. Export only allows you to export to Premier Pro or Macroflash-
    Can someone please quick reply answer and also another silly question-
    How do you actually delete your thread on this Forum? edit/delete comes up but when open it only lets you change what you type not actually delete the whole post altogether.

    Thanks for replies in advance, sorry about the niave'ness involved!
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    Export in AE is regardiong the project I believe. What you are looking for is the render queue to get an AVI out.

    And why would you want to delete your thread or post? Leave it there for others to learn from.

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    Thanks for reply,
    I was rendering it but it still wasn't giving me the option to save as avi file.
    I uninstalled the program then re-installed it and it seems to of fixed it'self.


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