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    Default Laptop for video editing

    Hey everyone

    I'm new to this forum, and so I decided to read up on some previous threads about laptops for video editing. I found nothing that answered my question so I shall post it.

    I've been editing on a PC for some time, and so I have the fundamentals for video editing. However this computer is starting to die on me, so I'm looking to purchase a new machine.

    I've made up my mind that it is going to be a laptop, but I am not computer literate, and I would greatly appreciate if someone can help to get on the correct path to making a good purchase for a laptop.

    Some specs I do want in it are:

    1gb ram
    100-200 gb hard drive
    500 mhz or faster

    Thank you

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    really it all depends on what you are looking to spend. if you can afford it i would strongly recommend a mac powerbook.

    apple shop fro what i have seen these are the bast laptop for anything! and now they have intel processors they will run both windows and OSX!

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    ya, i heard that the Macbook Pro is good, but thats only what I heard.

    Anymore information would be a huge help for me. I want to spend my money safely.

    Thanks guys

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    in all honesty the new powerbooks are more than a safe bet... i know they are quite expencive but the are head and sholder above and windows based system for stabitily and power. the problem with video editing on a laptop is that you need a fairly high spec and to get that you need to spend the money..... thats just how it is. to get more for your money you really need to just stick with a normal PC setup as they are far cheeper in terms of what you can get and lots easier to upgrade.

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    I agree with komatoast. If you want more for your money deff. go with a PC they're a lot cheaper and easier to upgrade whereas laptops are almost impossible to upgrade. However i have a laptop that i do editing on and it works well. Its a HP dv5000 with a AMD 64 moblie processor, 1 GB of RAM at 1.79 GHz. I dont do much pro editing but if its just for amateur or home videos it works great.

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    I currently use a DELL 9300 with 1.73 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM, 128 MB Video, 100 GB HD. I used an external HD for my Video footage. Works great.

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    Hey guys,

    Well I'm new to this forum and I'm interested in buying a laptop that is capable of video editing. I know that the first response will be the Apple MacBook Pro, but...

    1.too expensive

    2.bad battery life

    3.runs too hot

    4.BootCamp is still in BETA, and I won't trust my work to a BETA, my school
    uses Windows as the main OS, that's why I mention BootCamp, plus
    I wouldn't like to buy an Apple to just run Windows most of the time...

    What I had come across was an Alienware Sentia m3450, with the Intel 2.16GHz Core Duo, 2GB RAM, the rest is similar to the Apple except for the OS... all this for less than the Apple, almost $600 -$700 dollar difference. I plan to run Sony Vegas 6 + DVD Arquitect, or Adobe Premiere. It won't be my main editing system, but I'll pretty much edit short clips and things that are more than 3 minutes most of the time. An external hardrive will store my clips so I can move between computers. PLEASE GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!! I'M STILL UNDECIDED BETWEEN THE TWO.

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    if it is only for 3min shorts im not sure it really matters what you get as long as it runs the progs

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    Actually not always will I edit 3 minute clips, what I meant is that most of the clips I'll edit will be longer than 3 minutes...

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    Default video card

    Hey guys I was wondering if the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 128MB GDDR3 memory is good enough for video editing?

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