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Thread: 5 New Videos!!!

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    Default 5 New Videos!!!

    Well me and my friends went on a bit of an editing spree. First we decided to recreate the Gambit fireball effect. That one we though was succesful. It is probably my favorite one. The only thing I wanna learn how to do is make is arm go red but since im making it real life I will have his arm light up with sparklers. Fireworks coming up this weekend so im going to record it. In the sky so I will have a perfect black background woo hoo. Not the best on youtube but im gonna host them myself soon.

    1. <<<Fire Card Gambit

    The next few clips are a bunch of clone tests. The gun shot one I didn't care for cuz it wasn't time out right but we learnt from it. Haha. Just a test.

    2. <<<Passing Cup

    3. <<<Shoot Yourself

    4. <<<First Ever Clone Test

    Then the last one is an energy ball which I borrowed from Ryan Wieber in hopes of figuring out how to make my own. So look for that in the near future. I want to create all out wars with lightballs and lasers and all that stuff.

    5. <<<Energy Ball

    Thanks for checking them out.
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    Cool stuff guys i can learn alot from you all
    We are ready to shock the world

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    Thanks alot man. Greatly appreciated.

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    Very cool! The Passing the Cup and Energy Ball are my two favorites.

    My wife and I tried the clone where we were going to clone two of my wife but I could not get it to turn out good at all. I think it was because of the low lighting we had because we were trying to do it in the evening time outside. By the time we got the other footage shot one video would be a little darker than the other because the sun went down some (I didn't think about that at the time we were shooting, but know now! ). It was our first time trying too, because we are new at this ourselves. But it did look pretty neat though otherwise.

    Great Job!

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    mmmm... effects are pretty good but once you have figured out how to use them do you ever incorporate them in any productions?

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    Yes sir Komatost. Starting something in about a month. Getting the script written up, finding some actors and we're on our way with that.

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    good good, i look forward to seeing that

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    Yes Onomoto do keep me posted as well. i would like to see your new production.

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    Just looked at all the vids, they look great. Can you explain how you past over the book and coffee cup scene's.

    tried to think how you did it but my brain is hurting
    DUDE were's my car

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    Haha. I sure will.

    The first thing I had to do was try to figure it out in my brain. I seen someone do something similar to it and I was just WTF? But all I did was film myself seperate in both parts. Then I cropped the clip that was on top. When he put the book down I cut the layers then masked back over the book. Then it gave you that look like your passing yourself something.

    The hardest thing to do is to get the timing perfect. But i've never really tried to get timing perfect except the one clip I did where my friends clone shot himself.

    If you want a more detailed version just pm me and ill hook yah up with a tutorial. Im just going over it briefly.

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