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    I have got a new Canon MV960 digital video recorder. I am unable to transfer my recorded video to my computer-- a 6 month old Evesham Tech lap top.
    My computer does not recognise the new hardware and I can not solve this problem.
    When I use the add hardware wizzard there is no choice of a Canon camera. I am unable to use the disc that came with the camera either. It is loaded onto my computer but seems to be no use.
    Do I need to use firewire? My computer has a firewire port.
    The canon instruction manual says tha transferring video recordings to a computer may not correctly depending on the software and the specification/settings on your computer.

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    FIREWIRE, FIREWIRE, FIREWIRE. OK rant over, seriously, just plug the camera into the firewire port and your PC will pick it up. USB/USB2+video=crap.

    Good Luck.

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    Firewire will give you the best picture and sound quality and will be picked up by the editing software more easily than USB, which should only be used for transferring still images and as a webcam/streaming. What is the spec of your laptop?

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    The computer seems ok. But the connection is wrong. Use Firewire.

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