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    Sorry to bring this subject up yet again. It's probably not the last time judging by the amount of time I've spent researching this subject without conclusive answers.

    I'm looking to use Premiere Pro to capture video (using the built-in software feature) from a standard VHS cassette recorder (using whatever outputs are on the VHS player). I hope to spend no more than 100 but get decent quality.

    I've worked out that I need either an internal video capture card or an external device (connecting via USB2 or firewire). I can go for any one of these options as I have a free Firewire and USB2 socket.

    Two questions:

    - I'm starting to assume that an internal capture card will always produce better results and more stability than an external device. Is that actually a true assumption?

    - Can anybody recommend a particular card or external device (less than 100) which integrates with the capture features of Premiere Pro 2.0, providing a good quality result?

    There are plenty of products out there. Some come with software which is of no use to me as I solely use Premiere Pro. Some don't seem to integrate with the Premiere Pro software.

    The product must be able to accept inputs from a standard VHS recorder of course.

    Would love some advice if anyone has some?


    I have a super duper computer with a fine processor, plenty of RAM and lots of storage space. Not that I'm bragging. Just in case it's relevant.

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    Default Update

    I'm thinking of plumping for the Pinnacle Studio 500 V10 PCI package at 60.

    I wouldn't really want the software. Would it work with Premiere Pro 2.0?

    Or is there a better solution?


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    as long as the pinnacle studio can capture the footage then premiere should be able to handle it, as long as it is not captured into some crazy video format - which i doubt it will. do you have the hardware to plug your vcr into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by komatoast
    do you have the hardware to plug your vcr into?
    Shouldn't I be able to plug the VCR straight into the capture card?

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