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Thread: Best monitor setup for Video Editing.

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    Default Best monitor setup for Video Editing.

    hello folks,

    been a lurker for a while, thought I would kick in with a question

    I have a dual monitor rig, running off an AMD 3000+ / ASUS k7/ Ati 850-XT 1TB disk space which I use for Vegas video editing. My monitors (two Dell P990 19") are slowly perishing. One is restarting spontaneously, the other has gun issues (the red gun appears to be slightly over-active). Getting them repaired doesn't really seem to be a serious option.

    Therefore I am in the market for some replacements. I'm interested in your experiences with good CRT monitors. Stick with CRT? Move to LCD? Benefits/Drawbacks. I've googled and there's plenty out there - just interested in what you guys have to say



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    If your output is for HD then I would look into getting some plasmas to get a more accurate look. But If is just SD then stick with good name brand CRT's like Viewsonic.

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    For completely accurate monitoring a pricey but nicey video monitor for the preview would be nice. If you have the space looking at your work on an ordinary telly will let you see what others will see of a dvd you might create.

    It's like with music production, an engineer will often have a variety of monitoring speakers to check out how the music performs in a variety of situations.

    I use a 19 inch crt computer monitor for monitoring and have carefully set it up so it gives me a 'true' picture but i find most tvs need a much more conservative contrast and clour range or the picture can look poor.

    Not sure about tfts for monitoring, people say that they may not be the best thing but I have not used one to edit on so I dunno.

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    I prefer TFT simply because they are so much more compact and easier to fit in. I used to use a CRT but when it broke, a TFT monitor of the same size as my old TFT one was only 20ish more expensive so it seemed like a better option.

    But I have heard that CRTs display better/truer colour.

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