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Thread: computer microphone, will this one plug in ?

  1. Default computer microphone, will this one plug in ?

    hello again.

    will that microphone plug into my computer ? need it prefrebly for singin and recordin onto premire, or sound recorder. will it plug into the little mic jack on the back of my comp ?

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    Sorry to say but that does not look like a computer mic. It looks like a karaoke mic. It does not say anything about plugging into computer. And by the price I don't think it will give you good quality if you do. What you can do is go get a headset with a mic from your local electronics store. Make sure its one for the computer. You can tell if its one by looking at the ends of the cords. The 2 colors to look for are pink (mic) and green (speakers). Then just download a program that will record your voice. Dozens of free ones on the net. Just google it.

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    dont waste your money, unless you have an audigy with a break-out box or similar then the mic will be far to quiet with lots of popping and hissing. best thing to do is just get a normal pc mic. or if you have a bit of money get an audidgy soundcard with the break-out box and then get a sprung mounted condenser vocal mic. if you are after a quality sound it is well worth paying for the right equipment

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