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Thread: Can I give up PP1.5?

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    Question Can I give up PP1.5?

    I am very new to NLE. I took a course at the community college that introduced me to PP1.5 and I loved it. Of course, I don't love the price of PP2. Now that I have been exposed to this world, I want to incorporate it into my work. I am a trainer and would like to make short training videos for my company. Would Premiere Elements be satisfactory for this purpose? Since I have only ever used PP1.5, I don't know what I will lose by dropping to Elements. Any advice or feedback is much appreciated!!!


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    Premiere elements will be more than good enough for what I think you are looking for.

    If you have used pro1.5 then elements won't be a problem for you, it looks a bit different but the tools work the same and the effects and filters included will be familiar as well.

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    Yes, Premiere Elements will do everything you want. From capturing to editing (working with video and audio separately, effects, transitions, insert edit, L Cuts, J Cuts, Blue Screen, Titling etc etc etc...) to final output either onto tape again or DVD. After you've done a few videos using PE2, show them to your boss and see if he/she will buy PPro 2.0?

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