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Thread: Whats the best software ? (please read)

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    Default Whats the best software ? (please read)

    Hi all

    I know "whats the best editing software?" is a constantly asked question but basically i have pinnacle 10 at the minute and have found out you lot dont like it just as much as me becuase of all the stupid bugs in it but i am part of a wedding photography and videography company and i video the weddings and edit them so now i have a pile of about 7/8 weddings to edit but cant even open pinnacle without it stressing out and crashing.

    so i was wondering what you all would think is the best one goin?

    ive been looking into it and have found avid express pro is the best (please ignore the price) purely go on useability and how fast it renders the edited video and burns the DVD

    i am really happy with pinnacle becuase ive learnt all of its functions but now it constantly crashes would it be wise for me to go back to say pinnacle V9 Pro or something like ? is this somethine any of you would recommend?

    please reply asap

    thanks alot


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    for wedding vids im not sure it is worth spending a ton of money on an avid setup. best thing to do would be to download some demos and test them out. you will probably find that they are fairly similar in the way they work and so getting to grips with new software shouldn't be a huge problem

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