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Thread: Cloning, Guns and Smoke

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    Default Cloning, Guns and Smoke

    Well I just got After Effects 7 and my god is it ever amazing. I decided to try a few things with it. So I made this clip of myself walking down the stairs and almost getting hit by a gun shot. I was the one holding the gun by the way. Haha. It was a lot of fun to make.

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    looks pretty good, nice flare, just a shame youtube compresses it so much and doesn't allow frame-by-frame playback, but nice.

    unfortunately it's completely unrealistic... I would never have missed you at that range.
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    Yah I would have never missed myself at that range either. LOL. Im going to do something in the next couple days with some blood effects.

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    Me neither...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W
    Me neither...

    Nice! LOL...

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    Haha I just made one in another post where he in fact shoots himself. Not me one of my friends.

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    Hey Onomoto,

    Don't go putting too many idea's into Mark W's head. The more real you make it the more acheivable the whole thing becomes!

    Do some footage of you in a lovely field, with a beautiful woman with butterflies everywhere.........Mark W doesn't need any encouragement!!!!

    (Don't mention the light sabre!)

    Good luck to you mate!
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    Hahaha. Well put Skodster. LOL.

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