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    I need some help with some animating stuff. I want to make a clip move from one spot to another but don't know how. Can someone help.

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    Default Moving a clip

    Hello mate,

    If you use Premiere Pro 2.0 and have After Effects 7.0 then the process is relatively simple. Open up After Effects and create a new composistion. Import the clip that you want to use and drag it to the timeline. Hit the arrow twirly icon for that clip so that you can see the Transform setting. Hit the twirly arrow again for this option and you should be presented with some more options for Anchor point, Posistion, Scale, Rotation and Opacity. If you scale the clip down in size you will see how this works. Drag the clip to where you want it to start on screen and hit the stopwatch next to the Posistion setting. This will create a keyframe. Then move the red bar to where you want the clip to end up and create another keyframe by hiting the keyframe button to the left of the Posistion setting. Then move the clip to where you want it to end up and voila your clip will move!!!

    This should work in older versions of After Effects as Posistion and Scale are standard with Afetr Effects. If you use 7 then you can just import the AE project in Pro with no need to render to an AVI.

    Sorry this is so lengthy but i hope it helps!!

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    Perfect thank you. Im using AE 7 and APP 2. But yah thanks alot.

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    You can do all that in Premiere you know. No need to go into AE.

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