I found a load of old camcorder tapes, that I want to transfer the footage from. However, I have a problem with compatibility. The tapes were recorded on two different cameras. One of which (a Sony. No idea what model) is gone. The other is an early Sharp Viewcam.
The problem is this. Whilst they both use standard 8mm tapes, some (in fact most) of the Sony tapes were recorded in long play. The Sharp only has standard speed playback.

I do have access to a Digital 8 Sony (which can use standard 8mm), but long play on that increases playback by X1.5, but if memory serves correctly, long play the old Sony increased it by X2, so am I right in thinking that playback will still be at the wrong speed?

Any idea how I can get the old long play footage onto DVD at the correct speed?

Cheers guys.