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Thread: sports video editing software or just a video editor

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    Default sports video editing software or just a video editor

    I am a volleyball coacjh wanting to edit game footage from my digital video recorder. I have all the hardware, but I am a little confused about the software. What is the difference in some of the sports cvideo editing software and just regular (pinnacle). All I want to do is make highlight dvd for the kids for recruitment purposes, make a 'cut up' of all of an oppenents defensing an outside hitter, middle hitter etc. Any recommendations?


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    Hello and welcome.

    Video editing software is pretty much what the software does, whether it is sports or flowers. What you want to do can be achieved easily in Windows Movie Maker, which is already on a win xp computer.

    The problem you may have is the capture of the footage from the DVR, depending on the output on the unit you may need a video capture card or box to get the footage in to the pc. I believe pinnacle studio has a version with a capture box included or look on the web at DAC100 and advc110. The advc110 is better but more money.

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    Hi Karen

    When you say you have all the hardware, could you give us a rundown on exactly what you have. What is the make of your DVR, does it have a firewire socket that can connect to a computer or do you have a digital camcorder that your tapes could be put into and then connected to a computer? As the previous contributer pointed out there is no sports editing software, you can edit any kind of video such as a wedding, christening, holiday video on the same software as a sports video, depending on what you want your final goals to be (no pun intended) you may need to look at some other software that has better output facilites than MM2.

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