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Thread: Need some advice from the Pros

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    Default Need some advice from the Pros

    Hello friends,
    I am a novice in the field of Non-Linear Editing. I have a Dell PC Laptop and I am keen on being a Pro in Video Editing. I have heard about a lot of video editing softwares, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Ulead Studio and Pinnacle. I tried working on Final Cut Pro and liked it but I need a Mac system to use FCP. I tried working on Avid, and as a beginner I found it quite difficult to work with it (though I understand it is the software professionals use). Would it be wise on my part to invest on a new Mac system and then also on FCP, or would it be better to purchase an editing software that would be as effective and user friendly as FCP for my PC. If so which would be the best software to buy- Avid? Adobe? Vegas? Ulead Studio? or Pinnacle? I would appreciate your comments on this issue.

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    Before spending your hard earned cash I suggest trying demos of different editing programs and find what best suits you and your workflow. Here is a link for

    Vegas 6.


    Ulead 10

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    For sure ^^^

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    As far as I am aware. Theres a crack to turn mac OS X onto a intel. This is because of the new macs working on intel prossors. Hope this makes senc.

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    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I will take a look at the Demo versions as you said before I jump into one.

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