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Thread: clening the GL2 lens - inside :s

  1. Default clening the GL2 lens - inside :s

    I have the Canon GL2 and I've been cleaning the lens.
    I noticed there is still a smudge on the lens, but actually it appears to be on the inside.:s

    I've not got my manual with me. Has anyone got any ideas of how to approach this?
    It doesn't look like its easy to take the lens cover off...


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    Hi man,

    Sorry i cant answer your question, but i'm thinking of buying the GL2 - can you offer any feedback about it?


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    I think the lens is detachable, the smudge may be on the back of the lens.

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    Well. If its still in warenty and its not detachble LEAVE IT!

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    SUperfly, the GL2 I have found to be excellent. For the price you can't beat it.
    The only thing I am not happy with is the poor quality still images (1.2 Megapixels). But then if you wanted stills you should use a digital camera.

    But on the whole I would say go for the GL2.

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