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Thread: Making a low budget dvd documentary

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    Default Making a low budget dvd documentary

    hey guyz, this is my first post here, so hopefully youz can help me..

    ive been having problems editing a documentary i have done...

    its pretty low budget (shot on a sony hc22e)

    to upgrade the quality i bought myself a firewire cable/port.. and its looking better than ever.

    but when i try to edit it on (cheap ass software) it damages the quality

    this is quite annoying coz the file itself is fine when i play it on realplayer but when i put it into the editing software (windvdcreator), it jumps like crazy..

    so reasons im guessin could be my lack of ram, my crappy software or a mixture of both.

    anywayz if it is my software... can you advise me on some cheap ones?

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    when you say jumping, do you mean the final rendered version or the preview you are watching whilst editing. The reason is if it's your preview window it will jump like hell. Render a small section then check out the results.

    Hope this helps

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    hey, its the preview..

    in windvdcreator it jumps (like a usb video)

    in adobe premiere pro (there is a thin jumpy line through the middle)

    in windows movie maker (doesnt even open properly)

    in magix movie edit pro (it takes nearly an hour to download)

    my footage goes straight into avi mode and the clips were like ten mins long.. (1GB or so) maybe if there was a better way of recording from my firewire into say mpeg or wmv without losing quality?

    i'll try doing a smaller clip and see what happens..


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