Hi guys,

I am currently using a 4 year old Sony TRV7000E without any external mics and i think the time has come to upgrade to a better mic.

I make DVDs of motorsport events and also have a wedding to do in September for a friend and although this is just going to be an amateur attempt, i want to do things right for it.

I have been reading up a bit on shotgun mics and i read this line frequently... "if used correctly....."

Can anyone highlight how you have to use these mics correctly??

I have been checking out the Rode Video Mic which looks like it will do my job nicely and its not too expensive.

I believe that it is just a mono mic... does this matter?

Anything has to be better than my built in mics on my camcorder.

I dont want to buy an external mic though unless im sure it will be an improvement.

From what I understand of shotgun mics, the sound recorded is very directional. For all my motorsport clips I am aiming at the cars anyways so this shouldnt make any odds?

For the wedding I imagine that will be good too for speeches, vows etc?

Any help would be much appreciated.