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Thread: DVD Burning problem.

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    Default DVD Burning problem.

    Hi there

    I would gladly appreciate some help if you can please.

    Yesterday, i have tried burning files to a blank DVD RW+. Once the files are ready to burn to the DVD, i get a pop-up message telling me that the DVD is full and that i should try erasing the data on it.

    This is where the problem lays. The blank DVDs i have been using are brand spanking new. I have tried erasing and formatting the DVD and this does not work.

    I must also out that this is the first time i have had problems with burning files to either Cd's or DVDs. It was only last week when i last successfully burned files to a blank DVD using the same type of DVDs i used yesteday.

    I am wondering whether i have done something accidently to have cause this problem.

    I am using Nero 6 for burning the DVDs.

    Anyone with any suggestions/advice?


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    Hello and welcome

    If this usually works then maybe the disc is duff. Have you tried a different one?

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    Not so much any more, but in earlier DVD writers, some brands are not complient with some brands of DVD burners.

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