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Thread: Sony Picture Package Not Working (VCD related)

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    Default Sony Picture Package Not Working (VCD related)

    Okay I just got a new camcorder, and it came with this Sony Pictures Package thing that lets me easily create pretty cool VCDs. Unfortunately every time I try to burn a VCD, it gets all the way to the end to the point where its supposed to start actually writing the CD, and it says ERROR failed to write.

    Does anyone know what may be the problem?

    Im burning about 340 something MB onto a 600 MB disc
    Its "STAPLES" brand, from the office store Staples
    Its a 4X CD-RW
    Completely erased previous content

    Now I thought maybe it was my burner, but I have used Windows Media Player and Nero to test it and they both can burn on the said disc.

    Thanks if anyone can help!

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    I had similar probs with Sony software. I THINK the plan was they give you a teaser and hope you register and buy upgrades (that actually work) from them. I am basing this on NO FACTS whatsoever, but that was my perception of the free sony discs. I ditched them.

    I used firewire connection, edit everything and choose the output format as MPEG-2 (which is the DVD format) in Pinnacle Studio and burned direct to DVD+ disc.

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    Hmm, I dont have a dvd burner, but I would still really love to use the imagemixer's looping bg music/custom buttons/etc. Do you know of another program that lets you do that to burn VCDs? For free, or for a trial?

    Also, after reading up about it at a ton of sites, I think one problem might be because I have the video in WMV format. Does that matter? And if so, do you know of a program that lets me convert to MPEG for free that doesnt leave a water mark like the Winavi video converter?

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    Default Re: Sony Picture Package Not Working (VCD related)

    If I'm not mistaken the Picture Package user manual states that
    CD-RWs cannot be used with the VCD function, only CD-Rs.

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