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Thread: burning dvds!

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    Default burning dvds!

    Someone please help!

    I have been going mad with frustration lately;

    I recently purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and made a lovely slideshow of holiday pictures. I attempted to burn the slideshow onto cd or dvd. The cd played on my computer no problem, but won't play on a dvd player, or my Playstation 2.

    I have also tried using Roxio Mydvd 8 to make a slideshow and burn that onto cd or dvd, with the same problem happening.

    I have tried using both cds and dvds, but have not been successsful as yet.

    The solution is probably something simple, but I would be so grateful for any help or advice anyone can give me!!


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    If you send me you address

    i will send you a copy of Nero for free.

    I find that easier to use.


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    Default nero

    thank you for replying.

    I have a copy of Nero as well thanks. Just tried to 'make a super video cd' using Nero, all went well. Put it into the DVD Player - again it did not work.

    Beginning to think I'm a bit thick!

    Anymore help would be appreciated.


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    Have you finalised the disc after burning ?
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    Default burning headache

    yes i have.

    i have tried using adobe photoshop, nero and roxio mydvd8 all without success!!

    i have also tried using both cd and dvd, and have two drives that i have used!!

    do you have to alter settings to get them to play on dvd players??

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    Dont give up! I took 2 months of trying _ and I DID IT last night! Thanks to guys on this forum.

    I have got my first holiday on to DVD to playback from my Sony DV.
    Used firewire connection, edit everything and choose the output format as MPEG-2 (which is the DVD format) in Pinnacle Studio and burned direct to disc.

    I have tried it 3 times since and it frooze each time, but now I got it to work once, I have confidence to keep trying.

    PS, I tried for over a month using Nero and gave up. I bought about 6 software packages in desperation, but seems all I need do was alter the format to MPEG-2. Easy when you know how. Folk on this forum are great help.

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