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Thread: Comments and suggestions wanted on a biking movie.

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    Default Comments and suggestions wanted on a biking movie.

    Into The Woods

    Filmed and Edited by Me...

    A bunch of riders are in it, including a few who post on this site. Let me know if I got you in it.


    34.17mb (the quality isn't bad either)

    Mad Dog Moments ©2004-2006

    The music isn't the best but I don't have limewire or anything else to download any music so I just used what I could.

    Editing is in my opinion my best edited film... if you watch some of my older Attitash movies you will see the improvement.

    If you don't have an account there, please download it here... "right click and save target as..."


    Thanks to the guys at FPP.

    Thanks for watching the movie.

    All opinions and suggestions wanted.

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    Great efforts! but - it didn't really do anything for me as a biker or an editor. The pace was jus a lil too slow. You have used a slow track but the footage could have backed this up alot more. You should have had alot more slo mo on the action parts.

    The footage itself was not all that exciting either. - You need to think more about angles! There is a shot at around 4.14 where riders come out of a treeline and down a small dropoff and this is one of the few shots where it look remotley good. The rest of the shots are just very plain. Try and think about how to make the shots look more interesting rather than just trying to capture what's going on. Get down on the floor! get low angles as they always work. Mimic the angles you see in other high end DH videos. Another shot at around 36s where u have a bunch of riders riding down and over aniother small drop would have been better had u positioned yourself on the other side of the trail down by the drop.

    You really need a wideangle lens to shoot extreme spots as it lifts everything by cramming more into the frame.

    It is a massive improvement on you other videos. You'll notice I have not really commented on the cutting as the cutting is good. A few shots were on screen a lil longer than what I would have preferred to have seen. You could get a lil more creative with the cutting but generally it all works well. I think the main thing that's let u down in this one is the filming. Get better angles and try ang get stuff thats more exciting.

    Good job though - keep it up as if u keep imporving on this scale you'll get it nailed very soon!

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    Yep, an injection of adrenaline would give it more energy. Without something to maintain visual interest, it’s just people casually riding bikes, instead of being exciting and fast-paced. As suggested, if you’d planned the shots at each part of the track, some clever angles would vary the whole thing and keep up a strong pace. Again, as suggested, you’ve put it together very well, but you could make a world of difference turning a slowish bike ride into a vigorous, fast-paced and exciting video.

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    Add some helmet cam footage into this!

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    enjoyed this, not done any MTBiking for a while but this got me thinking. Liked the interlude at 2.57

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    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys, I really appreciate them. I tried out the helmetcamera idea and I am working on a new movie soon... I'm even in it

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