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    Sweet American Pie Presents: Rockin In The USA....

    This short film is not finished and there is still many things to be done and worked on but i wanted to give you guys a first insider's glimpse of the film...any feedback would be great...alright! Thanks

    p.s. keep filming

    oh and also the first section (driving home) was using a steadicam i built a week ago or so and i am very impressed. The second section is being on the boat...trying to balance a handheld as best as you can while rockin on a boat
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    No link.... :-0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W
    No link.... :-0
    Sorry, haha i forgot, here you go...

    Let me know what you guys think, alright thanks!!
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    any feedback? sorry i am just excited...

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    There are some nice images there but... In my opinion it needs a lot of "tightening up".

    The first bit, the night driving scenes, go on far too long and get a bit repetitious. The second part, the boating, is nice, but not captivating. It's probably a nice memory for those who were there but for the rest of us, it's just a selection of pictures from a boat.

    The secret in editing stuff like this is... be brutal. Better to have a three minute video where the viewer thinks "I would have liked to have seen more" than a six minute video which is a bit boring.

    Nice camerawork in places.


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