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Thread: changing speeds error--please help

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    Default changing speeds error--please help

    hey guys, ive been working on my video on adobe premier 6.o, now ive been messing around with the clips,(not doing anything really unusual tho), and suddenly yesterday the program gives me a "changing speeds error" when im putting a clip into the timeline, which is a real bugger up. Coz if i choose "change speed to match destination" the clip doesnt come quite as normal (it comes without the audio)...and everytime i add a clip it asks me to change the speed (which is not normal).
    i tried deleting few of the previous clips coz i thot maybe i changed the speeds of one of them while trimming but nah, still the same prob.
    even when i add similar clips to the previous ones (which shud have same speeds...) it still asks me to change speeds.
    could some1 help please???... ...i dont wanna lose this project, ive worked real hard on it.

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    ok now, it doesnt ask me to change speeds, but when i put the clip into the timeline, it appears yellow (unlike the usual green).....and WITHOUT AUDIO!!
    what do i do?
    please help some1

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