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Thread: how to stop premier rendering at half scale?

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    Default how to stop premier rendering at half scale?

    Hi, I'm using Premier 1.5 to edit short .mov 320x240 clips. These clips play at that frame size in quicktime. When I import into Premier, edit and then export in ANY wmv preset, and pretty much any other preset too, the result is a video rendered at half size. The file properties show that the clip is a 320x240 but the files always play at 160x120 size. When I chose a larger output preset I just get the same thing, scaled at 50% of whatever frame size dimensions are on the preset.

    When I simply export-movie-and make an avi the resulting file is the correct frame size, but huge of course in disk space. The problem seems to only get me when I try to use the "export-adobe media encoder" method to render a file.

    I'm absolutely certain that I don't have any scale or other distortion or SE filters happening on my clips. After sucessfully exporting and creating a correct size avi I've imported that avi back into a new project in Premier and tried to immediately convert it to wmv. It reverts to 160x120 size every time no matter what preset I use.

    I also see that when I try to create a new project or look at project settings I never have an option to change the frame size settings. It is always 720x480 and greyed out.

    Any ideas on how to get Premier rendering at the correct size? Thanks!


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    I think some screen shots showing an example of your timeline alongf with screenshots showing exactly what export settings you used are in order to help solve this one.

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    I haven't installed screenshot software in many years. Any suggestions on screenshot software to use these days?

    At any rate it doesn't matter what export settings I use, the clips always end up half the size of whatever framesize is set in the export settings.

    When creating a new project what would be stopping me from setting a framesize? I always only see 720x480 greyed out.

    Is there something Premier does to put a large black border around clips and is there a way to eliminate that border? I'm beginning to wonder if Premier is giving me a 320x240 framesize but is putting such a border on the clips that the video gets automatically scaled to fit within that border - which for me is resulting in a 160x120 final output. The file properties always say the clips are 320x240, but what I see on the screen is always half that size.


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    I've sort of solved the problem but need a tip for doing this a better way.

    I noticed that in the monitor in the top right corner of my work area "Sequence 01", the clip played well within the "safe area". I selected a clip and dragged the corners to expand it beyond the safe area. Then when I exported the clip it filled the full 320x240 space properly. Since I'm working with 320x240 material I don't know why it needs to be scaled up this way and didn't just fill the space in the first place. Is this form of scaling interoplating pixels in some way? If it is then I don't suppose a scaled version will produce the cleanest 320x240 output.

    My mini vid consists of about 10 clips so I need to have all of them in the sequence scaled up like this. When I tried to "group" all the clips the sequence monitor didn't allow me to scale up the clips as a group. I had to ungroup and do each one, one at a time. If I must do them one at a time then it would be nice if there was a way to precisely enter in the dimensions that I want to use so that all the clips will be the same. As it is I just had to eyeball it and drag the box surrounding each clip until it looked like it sat in the same place as the previous clip. Any suggestions on the best way to have the clip fill the work area and all sized exactly the same way?


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