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Thread: I want to flip a video track horiztontally in Vegas

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    Cool I want to flip a video track horiztontally in Vegas

    Hi, I am making a video which shows camera footage from the back of a car. So I need to flip the image so that it's just how you see it when you look in the car's mirror. I can't seem to find a video effect that can do this. Anyone know how this can be done?


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    Use the event pan/crop tool. Click on the icon at the top r hand end of the clip and it opens the tool. Deselct 'lock aspect ratio', then pull the left of the frame to the right hand side and the clip is mirror reversed.

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    Thanks Mark W you're a STAR! It's so easy when you know how. I really like Vegas, it's so easy to use and does the job simply!

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    That didn't quite work for me with 6.0a. I had to pull the left almost to the right side, then pull the right side to the left. Then I could finish pulling the lift side the rest of the way to the right. But it really is a neat effect, though. Thanks to both of you for another neat idea.
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