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    I am working on a short video for a play and I would like to take an image I have and turn it into a video clip (i got this, he he) and then using some program key out the mouth (i painted it blue) and then place my mouth instead. I was able to do this but the two do not blend and hence do not look as I would like them too. Is there a way to make a gradual key so that my mouth and the face can blend better? Or do I have to just try to recreate the lighting of the face pic? Any suggestions are well taken. Thanks!

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    I remember playing with this a long time ago and we just used a soft oval wipe. Take a circle wipe and change it if possible. Maybe even a diamond wipe. A key itself is hard to get a soft edge on it and in this case don't really think you need a key.
    Working with the levels to match skin tone is very important.

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