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Thread: Advice needed on real time editing + is my pc sufficient?

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    Default Advice needed on real time editing + is my pc sufficient?

    Hi everyone,

    I will shortly be setting up DVD filming and production, I have
    had some previous experience both on the filming and editing
    side, back in the days when it was video tapes and the editing
    equipment cost a fortune

    I have more or less opted to go for the cannon XL1S, which
    seems to have good specifications, my only hesitation on this,
    is that it does not appear to have a small monitor screen, just
    the eyepiece

    So if you know of another good alternative... let me know

    Now as far as capture cards, editing software etc, etc, having
    looked at bundle options and reports I find myself spoilt for choice
    and a bit confused

    I like the idea of being able to do real time NLE, in particular for
    the fact that you can color correct

    I have read about several products, and the Sony Vegas,
    looks interesting, but then I have also read good reviews about
    the Ulead Professional suite

    So I could really do with some guidance here guys and a suggestion
    of what package you think would be the one to go for

    Below is the current spec of my PC


    Graphics Card: PNY Verto Geforce4 T14800, 128MB 8XAGP

    HDD: 2 Caviar Western Digital 100GB 8.9ms 7200rpm
    (I do not think these can be used for raid as there appears to be
    no slot for the raid leads into HDD from motherboard)

    Processor: AMD Athlon XP2400+

    Memory: 512 DDR PC2700

    17" digital screen by Eizo

    Operating system: Still windows 98SE (no doubt I will have to be taken
    kicking and screaming to a new op system)

    No video capture card at present


    So to sum up I need some advice as to wether or not I have sufficient
    power etc to run NLE and some guidance as to what package to go for

    Whilst my budget is not endless, I would not want to make my life difficult
    for the sake of a few extra pounds, but maybe not to go right in at the
    deepend either

    All comments would be appreciated

    Thanks - Mel

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    To be perfectly honest your specification is more than enough to get you started. From the ahrdware point of view the only immediate weakness is your operating system. I am afraid you will have to give in to the XP Upgrade. When you do, remember to format your hard rives to NTFS, as this will overcome the dreaded 4Gb limit. As far as the capture card goes, then you will need an OHCI complaint Firewire card.

    In the loger term though, assuming you are moving toward a professional operation, then look to take advantage of the multi threading options of Pentium 4 and other chip sets. Although this would almost certainly mean a new PC.

    Softare wise, you will find an awful lot of support available for Adobe Premiere. If Premiere is too costly, then Ulead Mediastudio Pro is also worth a look. The important thing is to take tiem to research the products and fidn out what suits your needs best. Marc Peter's post on editing software links is a good starting point for your research. This post is at

    As for the camera, then hows much is your budget. At the 'prosumer' end of the market then the Sony TRV950 and Canon XM2 are both worth a look.

    Hopefully others will be willing to advise of their own experience.

    Good luck with your venture!

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    Default Re: Advice needed on real time editing + is my pc sufficien

    Your hard drives can indeed be used in RAID, so long as you're willing to plunk down the money for a RAID card. That'll run you 40-50 US dollars, but having lived in the US all 13 of my years I can't tell you how much that is in pounds.

    You also might consider bumping your processor up to the 2500+ model. There is actually a world of difference between the 2400 and 2500 models. The 2500 was the first to use a new, more efficient core. It also receives instructions faster. Finally, it's got twice the cache of(sort of like the CPU's own private store of RAM the 2400+ model. CPU cache is VERY important in video editing, mind you.

    And about the 98SE issue, I fully support you. I've used 98SE for years and it's rock solid, even for video editing.

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