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Thread: MPEG2 codecs - do I have the right ones?

  1. Default MPEG2 codecs - do I have the right ones?

    I am using a computer to render MPEG2 video and I am convinced that I don't have good enough codecs on it.
    I'm not sure:
    a) which ones I have exactly
    b) where to get really good ones
    c) how to produce an Mpeg2 quality video that plays on most computers/players

    I ran a free program called Gspot to identify my codecs.
    Does anyone have an idea if I'm using a below-standard codec?


    Gspot analysis (shortened version)

    MDVD Alex MicroDVD Video (hacked MS MPEG-4)
    AMPG Array VideoONE MPEG Array Microsystems
    AEMI Array VideoONE MPEG1-I Capture Array Microsystems
    ASV1 Asus Video Asus
    VCR9 ATI VCR 9.0 ATI Technologies
    VCR1 ATI Video Codec 1 ATI Technologies
    VCR2 ATI Video Codec 2 ATI Technologies
    VYU9 ATI YUV ATI Technologies
    VYUY ATI YUV ATI Technologies
    DXTC DirectX Texture Compression Microsoft
    DXT1 DirectX Texture Compression Format 1 Microsoft Corporation
    DIVX DivX 4 (OpenDivX) Project Mayo
    DVC DVC/DV Video IEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M
    MPG3 FFmpeg DivX (MS MPEG-4 v3) ?
    DIV1 FFmpeg OpenDivX ?
    FLJP Field Encoded Motion JPEG D-Vision
    M4S2 Fully Compliant MPEG-4 v2 simple profile codec Microsoft
    H264 ITU H.264 ITU
    mJPG Motion JPEG -
    MJPG Motion JPEG -
    MPGI MPEG Sigma Designs
    MPEG MPEG-1 Chromatic Research
    MPG4 MPEG-4 Microsoft
    I420 RAW I420 ?
    RGBA Raw RGB w/ Alpha * No codec needed
    MP2v S-Mpeg 4 version 1 Microsoft
    MP42 S-Mpeg 4 version 2 Microsoft
    MP43 S-Mpeg 4 version 3 Microsoft
    MP4S S-Mpeg 4 version 3 Microsoft
    UMP4 UB Video MPEG 4
    WJPG Winbond JPEG? ?
    WMV1 Windows Media Video V7 Microsoft Corporation
    XMPG XING MPEG XING Corporation

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    Just thought I'd add to this because it's an issue that's been bothering me for some time. Does anyone know of a good guide to codecs in general? I know how to install (not always properly though) some of them but all in all I have no idea what's happening with my video codecs and how to identify problems when they happen etc. Think it might be helpful to Bansaw and other amateurs like me who experience such headaches over codecs.

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    I can just about play / edit anything. All I did was install a codec pack, the Nimo one I think.

    If you need a free DV codec get the panasonic one,

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    tmpgenc is still about the best tool for encoding mpeg2.
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