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Thread: Direct dvd import within elements

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    Unhappy Direct dvd import within elements

    Hi guys/galls,

    Im having a problem within premiere elements 2.00 and wonder if anyone else has experienced this and sorted it. Im not sure if the problem originates on the initial import of material from a dvd or if it has something to do with when the project is finally burnt to dvd. What happens is I import material from a non commercial dvd(home shot) and then edit it, and on the monitor window in premiere everything looks fine. But when I output it to dvd and play it back the footage has become very jittery. I suspected things like antivirus programs were the problem so I closed down everything that I didnt need but the problem still persists. I have dowloaded the latest upgrades to premiere2 but this does not help either.
    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Sorry cant help with your premiere problem but was just wondering what you think of PE2? have you upgraded from 1? if so is it worth it?

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    Arrow Elements Upgrade

    Hi ENC,

    Having only used it for a short while Im not sure that i can comment, but in my opinion Adobe has got a lot of things right in elements 2 especially nice is the Auto re sizing of work area windows and the ability to import directly from a dvd is a great feature. The keyframing seems better in 2 than 1 and the creation of dvd menus is very straightforward. Would i upgrade well i did and havnt any real complaints as far as editing footage goes.

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