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    I have the program and I am a beginning user. I have never used any of Adobe's programs. I have been stuck on Windows Movie Maker which is crap and I needed something more better. I want to learn as much as I can about this program, what do you suggest I read? I went online at and found "Adobe Premiere for Dummies", "Adobe Premiere Pro 2 Bible", and so on....

    so what do you suggest? I want to LEARN!! Any feedback would be great thanks!!

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    Default Premiere Pro 2 Help!!

    Hey dude!!

    Good choice in going for Premiere Pro 2. If your looking for help learning this program then a book i highly recommended is Adobe Premiere Pro 2: Classroom in a Book. This has been written by the Adobe team, comes with a DVD with lesson files on it and is very well illustrated. They have done a book for each of their programs including After Effects and Photoshop.

    If you have the money there are plenty of books at varying prices and some sites like offer training videos so it will depend on how serious you want to get. The latter are aimed more at people who just want to know eveything.

    If not try typing Premiere Pro tutorials into Google and see what it brings back for you. One site that has been invaluable to me is Creative Cow. This has fantastic tutorials on a range of software and have helped me create some awesome effects.

    You might have to realise that as this program is still fairly new training won`t be cheap as people at our level(so to speak) are learning it. You will find loads of videos on Premiere Pro 1.5 and most of the stuff in these videos will apply to Pro 2.0.

    Anyhoo hope this helps.
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    "here here!" to the creative cow. However, as good a resource as the 'cow' is for tutorials, the very nature of the tutorials is to show the solution to a specific problem. As such they are not a 'general learning' resource. Just be aware of that.

    As well as the books already mentioned, your first port of call should be your user manual. Ok so it's a bit dry and more of a reference but you can do a lot worse than spend some time with it. Also, although I've not read the v2 version I did purchase a copy of "Premiere Pro v1.5 Studio techniques" which I found pretty good.

    Also, as a parting shot. I'm not sure how legit some of them are (given the low low prices) but there are plenty of training DVDs listed on ebay.
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    i've seen some of the stuff from Total Training - it's pretty good - the website is here

    Good luck mate!

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    ^^ total training is exelent... i brought TT for after effects and it helped me out loads..

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