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Thread: Sony camcorder connected but not recognised

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    Default Sony camcorder connected but not recognised


    I have connected my dcr-trv140e camcorder, installed its USB driver but when I connect it nothing happens. Shouldn't XP throw up a dialogue box asking what I want to do?

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    Always always capture with fire wire, then all should be well.

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    Default Why not USB2?

    Thanks for the reply

    I'll give it a try - but why not USB? I don't mean whether firewire is better or not, I just mean that the USB connection should work shouldn't it?

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    The USB connection is for stills transfer, or webcam use.

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    I recently b marked one of my drives in a box that can be usb2 or f wire - f wire was a stonking 50mbs, as good as sata or ide, the usb2 was 4 mbs, nuff said.

    afaik usb2 is heavy on system resources but f wire has chips on the card to do the clever stuff.

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    Default camcorder USB/DV

    I've been struggling with exactly the same problem this morning (not having used my camera for 6 months), & came across your message via google.

    To use USB, you have to go into the menus on the camera, and turn video streaming ON., and install the appropriate sony software.
    The usb will only work (for me) with the very basic sony software & windows movie maker.

    Then I remembered... I do have a firewire cable, which doesn't come with the camera - I had to buy separately, like the case. I connected the camcorder via that cable, and hey presto everything works. Decent video editing software works.. And as others have said, I understand that it's better quality too. The camcorder produces a lower quality signal at the usb socket so that it can transfer at a decent speed.

    So thats it. Got mine working.
    Hope you get/got yours sorted.

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