Digital Director provide these free forums to facilitate the exchange of ideas, resolve problems and develop an online community of amateur video makers.

Although providing a free service, tangable and intangable costs are generated by running a popular website. These include but are not limited to hosting fees; software upgrades, installation and maintenance; administration and moderation; and most importantly time spent answering questions.

To help support these costs Digital Director run a small unobtrusive text ad on each page. These are placed such that members' enjoyment of the forums are not empeded, which is set against the general trend of the majority of sites. Although generally against the ethos of the site, it's a necessary evil due to the above mentioned costs.

To this end Digital Director take a hands on approach to the moderation of commercial links, with a seperate forum dedicated to such posts. As these posts represent free advertising, and the running of the site is not free, Digital Director are essentially offering a subsidy to anyone posting a commercial link. As a result such posts are moderated to ensure they fit within the forums' aims of promoting a video editing community.

For the avoidance of doubt, posts not related to video editing will be deleted. Any duplicate or repeated posting of URLs will be deleted and may lead to a ban. Digital Director do not exist to promote business "x".

However, our main aim is to foster community and therefore deals, new software releases and the like are to be encouraged. If I receive a press release, it will be posted. But if looks like SPAM, tastes like SPAM and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I reserve the right to bin it!