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Thread: HELP!! Is my budget PC capable of video editing?! (newbie)

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    Talking HELP!! Is my budget PC capable of video editing?! (newbie)

    I just brought a new PC just for everyday use.
    Just before someting i want to learn video editing on my computer using Pinnacle Studio 10 plus & Adobe Premiere 2.0....

    Is my PC capable of video editing?!

    -Intel Celeron D 2.66 processor
    -Foxcon p4m800 motherboard
    -512 DDR2 RAM
    -ATI Radeon 7500 64MB Video Card
    -80 GB HDD
    -16x DVD writer
    -CD Writer
    -A TV/FM Tuner with capture card!

    CAN IT?!
    and if i upgrade, what will i buy first, then next? budgeting my budget

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    Yes that will work, but if you can, GET MORE RAM, believe me you can never have to much RAM (unless you go over 4 gig then windows freaks out and dies on you). All in all that will work but you may find rendering times slow.

    Good Luck learning.

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    i wilss say upgrade youre ram to 1Gb and more Gb for the hardrive 200gb if youre planning to be a serieus editor!! and if you film everyday lol

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    Capable? Yes.
    But will you want to run PPro on that machine? Add some more spice... Forget about the Celeron and go for A64 or P4, add 1 GB of RAM and a larger (at least 120 GB) hard drive, or two - for the flavour. Video editing loves dedicated hard drives.
    Even if it's just an every day PC, don't go cheap on it. You might be using that for a while.

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    Thanks for your sweet replies!! ill buy another 512 RAM asap! then a 250MB HDD later. and other upgrades soon if money gents in front of me!

    another newbie question, why these compyutah partz must be "high" & what these really do on video editing?! i know their basic purposes of course!

    1) PROCESSOR (my celeron d is slow even in higher ghz?)

    2) RAM (why so big ...2mb huh??)

    3) VIDEO CARD (Is my 64MB work fine?)

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    Processor does the number crunching, celeron is the lower end of the market chips (don't realy understand how they come about naming things)

    RAM stores and sorts the info before number crunching, the more RAM the quicker any machine will run. Always go for RAM before CPU if you want to speed things up.

    Your video card is not used in NLE systems, but if you play games I'd then suggest upgrade (don't get me started as now with PCIe you would have to upgrade your motherboard as well)

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    thankzz a lot for the info you gave!

    i now finished doing video adobe premiere 2.0 & now learning how to use adobe after effects!


    when i learned a lot in video editing using premiere, is it hard to shift in avid liquid?

    & which one you prever to edit...
    premiere or avid?

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    What gives you better rendering times??? RAM or CPU usage?

    i have:

    AMD DURON 2.1 ghz

    512 GHz

    please let me know what I need to upgrade. I have $300 to spend on upgrading

    Thank you,

    God bless you,

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    For 300 bucks I would rip out the 512 and stick in 2 gig RAM, do a bit of homework first and stick to 'branded' RAM (OCZ, Kingston, Crucial) you have to make sure with the manufacturers that the RAM you want will be compatible with ALL you hardware (Mobo, g-fix card, yes even sound card as they can often conflict).

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    thanks man, i have just bought about 512 MB of RAM for now, then I will put more later... i got 4 slots ....

    I just got a 200 GB External harddrive ... i think that is a pretty good deal for $67 SHIPPED ....

    Western Digital ....

    Well... i found out now... that RAM is what makes the rendering difference correct?

    God BLess

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