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    Hey Iam farily new to editing and i nedd to get a better computer then wut i have and sense iam on the move so much i was thinking a laptop. my budget isnt very big cuse iam 14. so i was wondering if a dell inspiron 6400 with xp media center would be ok. is the one on the left

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    You would need at least a gig of ram. Ive been looking at laptops. Ive found that toshiba are good. They only come with 250MB of ram but put in a gig and its cost you aporx 100 less.

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    Ya i would have got atleast a gig of ram but i just found out my friend can get me a good deal on a brand new macbook so iam leanin towards that now.

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    HEy there! I'm 14 (or at least for the next few weeks/months) also and got into this field of hobbism a few years ago. Heres what yoou should look for in a laptop for video editing:

    Atleast 2.8 GHz Processor Petnium/Athalon or better (nothing lower)
    1GB RAM, Dual Channel preferable
    200GB Hard Drive, video files are large
    Dual layer DVD burner running at 16x (make sure it supports DVD+/-r/rw)
    17 inch or larger LCD display
    TV out (S-Video, RCA standard, what ever)
    IEEE 1394 (AKA firewire, iLink DV out, DV terminal)
    USB 2.0 ports (duh)

    Thats off the top of my head while doing some animation so pleas forgive me if its a pid scarse.
    CDB Productions

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    Hi, I know laptops are so cool and all, but think about it: do you really need to edit on a laptop? At 14?
    It's great that you found this addictive hobby earlier than most of us (probably except LukeD ) but before spending all that money, think of how serious it is. If you were a tv producer who had to travel and edit on the go, or something similar, that would have been well spent money.
    But otherwise...
    Take into account that laptops are not upgradeable, so in 2-3 years time it would be obsolete and you'll be looking for a new one. Will you be able to buy a new one? And sell this one? Also, laptops are worse than desktop PC's when it comes to price vs. performance issue.
    My advice is to spend your money on a state-of-the-art desktop PC. You can buy a lot of horsepower in a desktop if you have money for a laptop. With a smaller case and an LCD monitor, it shouldn't be hard to carry it around either.

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    Well i have to move around alot because i go bak and forth between my dads and moms house every couple weeks. and i no its alot of money and a desktop would be better for the money. iam sill tryin to deciede (i have a while because iam still workin to get the money) so iam not sure yet.


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