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    I recorded a song with my mp3 player, everything is great but the sound is not pure... its clear that it is recorded...
    is there any way to make the sound seem better?

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    many audio editors have tons of filters. Depends exactly what it wrong with your recording. Is it just noise and hiss?

    If so then there#'s loads that will likely help you out. I happens to use Adobe Audition personally. I think it's great but then I've not used anything else so can;t really compare too much. It has great noise filtering though. Adobe have a 30 days trial you could download.

    Unless anyone else has any other suggestions that is....

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    If we could get a bit more information on what you mean by the sound not being pure, we could help more. Is it too low, too high, crackling, hissing, is there a mains hum noise coming from it, more details please.

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