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Thread: Help needed for splitting, cutting & adding audio

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    Default Help needed for splitting, cutting & adding audio

    Hi there, I play in a band & we just cam eback off tour with about 10hrs of DVD footage. What we'd like to do is cut the best bits out & join them together & add an audio track over the top to make a homemade promo video. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what programs are best to do this?

    I have Sony Vegas, but when I open the .VOB file(s) it keeps looking the first 20/30secs (even though loop is not selected). I also need the facility to fade in & out (the picture).

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    To use VOB (essentially MPEG) video files for editing, I would advise you refer to question 10 of the FAQ:

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    Sony Vegas will do all you want as far as editing is concerned, what version do you have? As Mark pointed out you will need to convert those awkward wee s****s of .VOB files into something more easily edited and that means .AVI, my suggestion would be get all your continious soundtracks together first and then cut the pictures to the beat, you can also use effects and transitions much more in music videos than in a wedding video and get away with it.

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