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    what do you think of the sony trv140 digital8?

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    Hi 8 has the same specs as dv but the cameras were generally poorer. Buy only if very cheap, like <50 quid.

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    It's handy if you want to transfer old Video 8 or Hi 8 tapes for yourself or offer it as a service to others who want their footage transferred onto DVD, but other than that it is a declining video format, you'd be better off looking at a Mini DV camcorder.

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    I have a Digital 8 Sony DCR-TRV740E with DV-in & DV-out. As far as I can see there is no difference in recording on D8 tape or on miniDVtape. The main handicap is low light recording due to 1 CCD. Of course is a 3CCD better. I plan to buy a second camcorder with 3CCD but keeping my D8 to capture analog VHS tapes through AV-in to DV-out to my PC. Also capturing my old tapes V8 and Hi8 from the camcorder to DV-out for editing and burning on DVD is very usefull. I don't regret the purchase of the D8 but if you don't need it for remastering old tapes, buy a good 3CCD. Success
    Greetings from Belgium
    Sony D8 camcorder DCR-TRV740e

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