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    Any way that I could do this effect with particle Illusion 3/Adobe PRemier PRO2/Cinema4D. Please Reply ASAP. this is the effect

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    Didn't we do this one the other week? Is this the Gandalf staff shatter question again?

    You could though. You can do some excellent shatter or falling apart examples using PI3. However, the trick is what to composite it onto when you 'generated' the staff shattering. You need a background.

    What you need to do I think is to film your actor with their 'stick', have a coinveninet cut-away, then cut back to the actor pretending to hold a stick that isn't actually there. You can then 'extract' (key out) some footage of your stick (or maybe just use a still image). Pull this into PI3 and generate your 'shatter' effect as required. Take the footage generated by PI3 and composit it over the clip of your actor pretending to hold a stick. Easy.

    You can cheat on the last step if you import yoru clip of actor 'sans stick' as the background to PI3.


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