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Thread: Capture, and Rendering Question

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    Default Capture, and Rendering Question

    Before I captured, and rendered a 30 min. video I had 20 GB left on my hard drive, after I captured, and rendered the video, and burned a DVD I deleted all the video files on my hard drive, and did a disk cleanup, now I only have 17.5 GB left on my hard drive, why is it I can't reclaim all of my disk space or am I doing something wrong ??

    Jim W

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    Prob some temp files somewhere.

    Try using windows search with the string '.' and look for files altered in the last week, order by size, then you should spot the file.

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    Thanks Mark W, I found it, it's a VOB file, VTS_01_1 in a temp. file of the video editing program, did a search for large files created on 6/12/2006 to 6/14/2006

    Thanks again
    Jim W

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