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Thread: Trouble viewing video.

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    Default Trouble viewing video.

    I have edited a few videos in the past using Adobe Premiere 6.0 so I would not say I am completely new to thee software however I have run into a problem I can not seem to fix. The current version of Premiere I am using is 5.1 ( bit outdated ) but I lost 6.0 a while back.

    I imported some film of a wedding and converted it to a .avi file and loaded up Premiere. After importing the .avi file I attempted to begin editing the recordings. I can hear all the audio from the recordings, but can not see any images to go along with it. I can play the file just fine and its clear as day with images using Creative MediaSource.

    I'm not really 100% sure why I can not view any of the recordings in Adobe, but hopefully I am missing something small. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can edit my friends wedding for him.

    Thank You.

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    What was the original format of the video, how did you convert it, and what codec did you use? Sounds like you don't have the correct Codec for Premiere to work with it, but..if you encoded it on the same computer it should.

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    I'm 99.99% certain that your old version of Premiere doesn't have the correct Codec to handle a 'modern' video file and more than likely there won't be one available now to fix the problem.

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    You can pick up Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 now for around 60 pounds sterling or 100 pounds sterling with Photoshop Elements 4.0 thrown in. Definitely worth the money.

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