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Thread: Studio 10.5.2 and Avid Liquid vs7

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    Exclamation Studio 10.5.2 and Avid Liquid vs7

    The woes of a videograper using Pinnacle 10.5.2

    Recent calls to tech suport at pinnacle have had me nearly pulling my hair out over an ussue with smart sound plugins not rendering on the timeline and comming out on DVD with one or two songs at the begining and then nothing to the end. Apparently the new list of patches for Pinnacle will have a fix for this 10.6 and for now just leave a 1 frame gap between your songs and this should fix the problem. I will keep you posted as to this solution and see if it works?

    Ok just finished with a video and yes the video now has music. Although it is not perfect it at least solved my problem of no music.

    Ok that may have worked for a older project that just had the one error in it but creating a new one and leaving the spaces now makes it so the render bar comes up and just sits there. OMG now what. cant get a break with this software.

    Ok now guess what happened after reinstalling everything from the discs I now get freezing and pixalization in the video once it is burned to DVD. It's not rampant throughout the DVD but it is here and there on each disc. Also there is problems skipping tracks forward and back. My solution. I've tried to remove the software in Safe mode and then rebooted and installed it completely. Rebooted and then looged into the program upon the first bootup it took awhile but that is normal. I got notifications that an update was needed for the software. I thought that the Version that I had was the newest and didn't need any updates. so I tried to install the update and rebooted. I will let you know how that one works out next.

    Ok I rebooted and it fixed that error now lets see if it can burn the whole DVD with the music and not freeze 14min into the video.

    Just so you know this is all on a Intel machine I have all kinds of simmilar problems on my AMD Machine too. Yes thats true an Intel Machine having the same problems as an AMD with pinnacle so so much for their recomendation that it runs better on an intel.

    I will admit that it does render faster on my intel than the Amd does with simmilar ram and processor speeds.

    Ok today was the day I cant edit anything without the DVD freezing at the 14 min mark so I booted into safe mode on the Amd machine and removed all elements of pinnacle (tech support told me this works best) and now I have installed everything again. If I could tell you how many times I formatted that machine and did fresh installs it would drive you to drink. I am now going to see if it still sees my projects that are due today. wish me luck!!

    Yes it still see's the projects but it has moved all the erors with it. ahhhh. Ok final task for this program, I'm going to use the original files to just make a video all in order. Then I will edit it and then re render it to DVD and see if that starts to freeze.
    Just a quick note on my Amd Machine I did the complete removal in safe mode and reinstall it from regular mode and now I noticed that when I drag files into the timeline the star doesn't come up to indicate that the program has stoped responding. It's almost like it's now autosaving like it's supposed to. Yeah!!

    Update ok that first phase worked now lets try to edit and then burn.
    So I'm rendering to burn one of the projects lets keep our fingers crossed to see if it works!
    First Disc failed to burn threw up an error.
    changed the setting to safe mode and re encode the entire movie wish me luck!
    Still cant do nothing threw an error am norestoring the Intel machine to original specks complete reinstall of os to see if i can remove any bugs.
    next it will be the Amds turn wish me luck.!!!
    then i will try to add the smart sound background music.
    well it seems that the Amd machine is finnaly working I think some combination of removing the program in safemode rebooting and then booting back into safe mode and installing everything but the update did it.
    The intel on the other hand is still a no go I think it is the fact that there are tooo many conflicts with win xp mediacenter edition. I cant get it so I will try one more time to erase everything as it is a Sony (not a bad thing) I will have to use their stupid discs as you dont get the real xp mediacenter edition by itself without all Sony's marketing crap to cause you more conflicts. And baring that not working then I will buy another key for xp home and remove all their crap and start fresh. The sony model only came with a 300 watt power supply so beware of boxed computers. I was desperate for an intel as Pinnacle tech support told me that an intel machine would work better. It did for a few discs and then went downhill from there. So hope fully I can get this cleared up. I sent back a Moviebox usb as it stoped working and they sent me the moviebox DV I have heard it doesnt work well. I tried to get it to work and same problem as allot of other people freezes when you try to capture. Shouldn't have to do all the crap they suggest you try to get something to work. The USB 700 I bought works fawlessly I wish they would send me that instead. If anyone has any suggestions how to get that thing to work let me know.
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