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    I need help editing a video I just recieved. The video seemed to have been filmed through an analog camcorder fixed in a corner of a helicopter. The video shows the sea and the sky, however, there is a lot of green constantly appearing within the sea and sky. It's very noticable, sometimes it because so bad it turns the whole sky green. I want to know if there is anyway that I can fix this or is it to far gone? Thanks.

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    Nobody has came across this problem, I know it's a common problem among amatuer's, I just don't know how to edit it out.

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    Common problem in old cameras, amateur cameras, etc. What is happening is the clipping (or levels overload proptection) on the 3 colors pickup is not set equally so on bright spots the green is showing too much while the other colors are being propertly held back. Depening on the editing software you have, you could try a color replacement for that bright overloaded color. Turnning it to black and white may help. It does sound like in general it is a lost cause

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm using Adobe Premiere 2.0 and I've tried the color replacement, it works but doesn't get rid of all the green. The higher I slide the slider, the color I'm replacing the green with starts to show elsewhere on the video where it's not needed. So as you said, I guess there's nothing I can do about it but taking the filmstrip into photoshop and editing out the green (considering time, there's no time for that). Thanks for your help though.

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