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I've been doing editing, and digitizing for years, but always using a proper DV deck, or at the very least a pro-sumer level camera (Canon XL-1 or up) and in all this time, I've never had call to research this.

Right now I am trying to capture video FROM my pc, (Specifically a video game) and I know I could output via my card (Radeon 9600pro) with the Svideo.. but I don't think the camera takes AV input, just output..

I just borrowed this little camera (Canon ZR40) and just realized I may not have a way to capture footage for this....

I'm checking up on this right now, but I thought I'd start a post and see what experiences were shared A personal note is always much better than a technical manual, they all lie :twisted:

So I guess the question is, is it possible to capture TO the camera VIA firewire, or am I stuck with AV output only. (If I'm lucky i'll find something out about the camera's ability when I check the site)

Any programs that do it, or anything really.

I would appreciate any help I can get!

Plus, if i can get this going, I'll have a very cool video to post up soon