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    Is there an effect that I can do where, if you have seen LOTR Return Of The King Extended when GAndalfs Staff explodes into tiny shards, is there any way I could do this with somthing like If i was holding a straight stick could I get it to explode into tiny shards but there is no smoke or flame? Thanks.

    I have partcle Illusion 3, Adobe PRemier PRO 2 and Cinema 4D but I'd rather not have to do it on Cinema 4D as I have no clue on how to use it.

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    In vegas I have an effect call shatter that i found free on the web, I presume other editors may have a similar effect avilable.

    You could mask out the staff on another track and shatter it.

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    PI3 will certainly do this. As will any number of other NLEs and effects programs. the trick will be to blue screen the 'stick' so it's not really part of the original footage so that when it explodes or shatters the real background is sitting behind it.

    I don;t want to belittle this idea but it essentially a light sabre effect isn't it? i.e. turning the thing off. You need to transition betwene the 'stick' being there and not being there.

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