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    Im using premiere pro and In my video I have a couple of stills that were orginally video, stills of video...any way when I play them back and edit them and stuff on the computer they are fine and everything looks how it is intended. When I make an export of the video, whether it be as an avi. file, a fireware export to dv tape or to dvd, the stills shake. At first I thought it was the movement in the frame, which it could very well be, because only parts of the clips are shaking(if someones arm was moving up but not thier body is the arm shakes in the movement that it was making).
    In another part of the video I have an image that is being used as a matte but it is not a still from video, it is just a picture thats blown up, and it also shakes in kind of an up and down motion but only about the middle third of the image shakes. Weird Huh? maybe I shouldn't call this one a shake its more like a jitter.
    After watching it on a couple of differnet TV's, Ive noticed that I shakes worse on some tvs than others, the smaller the tv the less it shakes. What I have come to is that it probably the resoultion of the TV's. The resoultion of comptuer monitors is higher than TV's so I can see how that is could be gets better!
    I have used Final Cut Pro and stilled images that were from video...and they didn't shake one bit, the video looks how it is supposed to and intended to look.
    I suppose if I can't figure out a way to fix the shakes it won't be that bad, its only 9 or 10 stills, 20 seconds long in a 25 minute video. But I thought someone might be having the same problem I am having. Any advice would help. Thanks

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    I dont know how final cut pro handles the problem, but i don't know if you can fix it. When you extract a frame from interlaced video, it's not going to work too well, it takes every other line from 2 consecutive 1/60th of a second interlaced frames and composites them into a still. If there is any motion, especially in the vertical direction, it is going to jitter when converting back into 60i mode. The only way i know how to fix this is to shoot in progressive mode if you have that option.

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    If you right click on the clip and select frame hold or field options you'll be able to deinterlace...
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