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Thread: I got a question about a camera...

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    Default I got a question about a camera...

    I'm willing to shell out $500 or so for a camera that has good quality, Mini DV preferably, and can withstand some extreme temperatures. Something inbetween freaking awesome and ...meh...

    My question...I went to Disney World 2 months ago and while I was down there my camera began acting funny. Like whenever it recorded something static and all kinds of fuzz encompassed the picture. Sometimes it would record nothing at all (yes I took the lens cap off), but I mean nothing was filmed. It worked alright the first day but eventually it did this crap. I was thinking that since it was really hot and I kept it in a bag that something went haywire....I don't know...

    I just wanted to ask for your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!
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    What camcorder are you using right now? miniDV? have you checked the camcorder if it has problem or whatsoever?

    Get a canon or sony.

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