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Thread: Architect 2.0 vs. Nero Vision 3 GB

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    Default Architect 2.0 vs. Nero Vision 3 GB

    I have imported the exact same project from Vegas(great program) into Architect 2.0 and Nero Vision Express 3. In Architect the file is 4.9 GB (which I can't burn onto a 4.7) and in Nero it is 3.66 GB (which I can burn). Plus, the playback in Nero was much smoother than in Architect. HOWEVER, I like Architect's options better so does anyone know what might be causing such a significant difference in project size?

    Earlier in the postings someone else mentioned that maybe Architect was rendering video that was already rendered when it is imported from Vegas using the "Make DVD" feature. When I look in the Architect preferences I can not find any option related to turn on/off automatic rendering. I have also tried just opening up a Vegas project in Architect w/o importing it with the "Make DVD" button, but result is same, file too big and picture slightly jumpy.

    Any advice here??

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    Large file sizes and skipping can be caused by too high a bit rate in the video and/or audio. The newest DVD players can handle the maximum DVD combined bit rate of 9.8 Mb/S limit on recordable media, but older players may not be able to read this high rate from those same disks. Try compressing to a lower bitrate, like 5 Mb/S video and 224 kb/S ac3 or MPEG1 Level II. Avoid using LPCM (this is no compression at all) on the audio as this uses up a big chunk, 1.536 Mb/S, of your 9.8 Mb/S limit.

    NeroVision uses high quality Dolby AC3 compression on the audio, and will use two pass VBR on the video to give the best quality that will fit on a recordable DVD.
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    You could just render the videos out of vegas directly! Play with the compression settings and it will be sorted

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