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Thread: How to shoot steady, stable footage with a dv

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    Default How to shoot steady, stable footage with a dv

    I have captured footage with an 8mm and I was always succesfull at shooting stable video. It seems though with my current camera, the sony dcr-hc65 any slight jitter while filming is greatly pronounced when watching the video. I'm not sure if the camera is ultra sensitive to movement, or if I have more of a problem handling the camera, because I will shoot footage and I will concentrate on keeping it still - and it will seem that way through the LCD.. but when I watch it the movements still seem pronounced. Is there a setting or any tips I can us to reduce this. And a tripod isn't an option, when taking into account what I am filming.

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    My guess is the lighter smaller cam is harder to hold still. A few things can help.

    Never use zoom.
    Use the eyepiece.
    Try a w angle lens.
    Get a glidecam 2000.
    Monopod, much less hampering than a tpod.

    Small cameras are by nature shakey beasts. Big and small cams both have their advantages and limitations and working within them is what has to be accepted.

    My big shoulder mount cameras are soo cool for pro looking shots without a t pod and near glidecam results can be produced by holding the cam loosely by the handle BUT they are a pain to lug and everyone stares at you.

    My small cam is great for shoot and go stuff and getting into the action but shots are always shaky. I nearly always use my small cam with it's w angle convertor.

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    I have an HC series Sony too and I'm using the Cullmann Travelpod DV 3090. It has proven useful on countless occasions. And it's dead cheap too. DO check it out.

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